7 Ideas to Generate More Leads from Your Website

A business website is a great way for prospective consumers to learn more about your product and services. Also, it is an opportunity to market the product or services and attract more potential customers. Most small companies still have static and under-performing websites says, Joe Elkind.

Fact is, if you fail to augment the website for lead generation, then you miss the opportunity to influence your website in order to grow the desired industry.

Generate leads

In this article, Joe has given some ways to generate more leads from the website. These tips will help you transform your company website into customer attracting marketing tool.

Here are 7 tips to generate more leads from your website:

Add a Contact Form

There are some websites that still do not have a general contact form. Such sites are missing out probable sales from customers who can submit a contact form with basic purchasing inquiries. Keep the form short (First Name) and best contact (Email or Phone).

For instance, some people do research during non-industry hours when the call is not an option. In such case, adding a business website contact form is the only way to get the answer to the inquiries which leads to buying. Hence, you should comprise a general contact form in order to generate leads from your website.

Create Product/Service Specific Form

This is also one of the crucial aspects to consider if you want to generate more leads. Following things you should consider:

1. Add product or service description page
2. Request a quote
3. Request a demo or schedule an appointment form to seizure the contact information.

Add a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something that you can offer on your company website for free in exchange for contact information. According to Joseph B Elkind, this is a key to offer something relevant and valuable to the target market. This is because, you can get some information like email address or contact information, so you can follow up.

Include Option Online Chat

Nowadays, everyone is aware of online chat. There are two types of online chat , live and automated. Businesses should add the live chat option on their websites. Live chat during the normal corporate hours is another way to capture the information from leads and create the start of a good business to client relationship.

Utilize 2-Step Checkout Process

It is a great way to generate more leads instantly. The order form is the final step to collect consumer’s information. If the buyers abandon the shopping carts, businesses do not have their contact information to follow up. Hence, you should use the 2-step checkout process to ensure data collection for follow up.

Exit Popup

This is also one of the ways to grasp the information from a customer about to leave the business website. For instance, marketors can use a lead magnet exit popup in order to present a special coupon.

Add a Lightbox

You should use Lightbox, a user-friendly version of old popup windows. Using Lightbox, a form is presented on top of the webpage the guest was reading. You should take care of some things like where you have to use the Lightbox and how frequently it appears for customers. Do it , but don’t over do it.

Wrapping Up

These are some ideas given by Joe Elkind to follow in order to generate more leads for your website. Following these steps will help you increase the website traffic and improve the ability to turn visitors into leads into customers.



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